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The Omega Restoration & Remodeling team of trained and certified professionals strive to keep the remodel process as stress-free as possible. When a project is assigned, a project manager, who is responsible for managing all aspects of the job from beginning to end, meets the client at the future job site. This allows the client to go over the schedule and activities that will be taking place over the course of the build.

Once a plan of action is determined, blue print drawings will be developed based on the budget which has been well-established before this process. Clients will review every detail of the remodel, including countertop materials, cabinet styles, flooring, etc.

Once the design concept is complete, the next step is the remodel phase. Communication is very important during this phase, so clients are given the phone number for their assigned project manager. We know how important it is to communicate during this process, so we encourage clients to ask questions if they have them. Project managers are on-site almost everyday and are very familiar with the entire remodel process. Omega Restoration & Remodeling keeps all projects extremely organized, safe and clean by providing plastic barriers around the remodel area to minimize dust and plastic film to protect the carpet, floors and other areas of the home. We want this process to be as enjoyable as we can make it, so we focus on maintaining the most professional and pleasant remodel as possible.